Something about Concrete Pump 2022-05-25 08:25:59 Concrete pump is a new product developed for countryside construction, pile filling, hydropower station, small civil construction, and sludge pumping. It has the characteristics of small size, low power, simple operation and stable performance, which is suitable for on-site mixing of concrete and transportation of large aggregate concrete. The concrete pump can hit not only fine stone concrete, but also commercial concrete. What's more, it is suitable for the transport fine stone concrete in various engineering constructions, thermal insulation materials, and green soil in ecological environment construction, pressure grouting of foundation piles.
concrete pump

In addition to pumping fine stone concrete, the small concrete pump can also pump mortar for ground and wall construction. When equipped with the air spraying device, a complete wet concrete spraying machine can be completed. Such combination can be used in the support lining of mines and underground works, the wall spraying of buildings, the strengthening and reinforcement of building structures, the stabilization of rock and soil slopes, tunnel excavation and other projects.
In fact, concrete pump is different from concrete mixer pump(We will talk something about concrete mixer pump in next article.)

The characteristics of small concrete pump:
1. The power system adopts electric motor and diesel engine.
2. The concrete pump adopts dual-pump bi-directional hydraulic system, with small impact, high reliability, good heat dissipation and stable operation.
3. The hydraulic system of the concrete pump is equipped with safety overflow protection, and the interception device which can be automatically cuts off when overpressure, so that the main pump can be reliably protected in multiple stages.
4. The pumping oil circuit of the concrete pump adopts non-contact automatic reversing and delay control, which avoids reversing impact and is stable and reliable.
5. The suction filtration technology is adopted to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly prolongs the service life of system components while improving the reliability of the system.
6. High operating efficiency, good concrete quality, low dust concentration, low rebound rate, low failure rate and low engineering cost.
Scope of application of small concrete pump:
1. Conveying of floor heating, thermal insulation lightweight foamed cement, mortar and small aggregate concrete.
2. Transport (spray) of refractory and thermal insulation materials.
3. Transportation (spray) of green soil in ecological environment construction.
4. Conveying (spraying) of plain concrete fiber concrete in various engineering constructions.
Suitable applications for small concrete pumps:
Tunnel, piling, hydropower station, mine, small civil construction, sludge pumping.
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